Below you will find Dr. Baptiste speaking on the ITV News about increasing diversity at medical school:


Dr. Baptiste appeared on East London Radio on 16th March 2017:

You can listen here at 46:25 on the clip.



"During Patrice’s medical training she came into school to encourage students to take up medicine and explain what was involved. Since graduating she has been an invaluable asset to the school in helping to widen students’ horizons by arranging talks and presentations from both herself and other young professionals in various fields. She is dedicated to helping young people succeed. We hope to continue and broaden our relationship with Patrice. " -Corrine Warwick, UCAS/IAG Coordinator, Holy Family Catholic School, Walthamstow, London

"Patrice gave an outstanding and engaging talk to a number of our students. Students enjoyed her session and found it enjoyable, interesting and informative. Patrice also answered their many questions afterwards, and we are very appreciative of her time. We look forward to working with her again in the future." -Mr. Éamonn Casey, Assistant headteacher, Caterham high school, Ilford, Essex

“Patrice came to Frederick Bremer School to speak to our Year 11 pupils about going into medicine. As Patrice is a qualified doctor, she was able to give valuable information to our pupils regarding the routes that are available to get into the field of medicine. The students were granted the opportunity to ask questions regarding the excellent profession that Patrice is currently in. It’s not often that someone in the medical field comes into a school to give a talk about a career in medicine so we were incredibly grateful to have Patrice at our school. Coming from an inner London school, Patrice is very much an inspiring young lady who is incredibly determined and that was evident through her presentation. Patrice explained to me that she believes it is important to give back to the youth of today; in the hope that they may feel empowered and encouraged to follow a career path in medicine or any other profession. She reminded the students that with hard work and a great deal of willpower, virtually anything is possible!" -Shamila Sulaiman, Careers Co-ordinator, Frederick Bremer school, Walthamstow, London

"My pupil wants to become a doctor and after having a conversation with Dr. Patrice about medicine as a profession she felt that her questions had been answered and now she feels more motivated to become one. She also found Dr. Patrice very friendly, enthusiastic about her job and very inspirational. I am sure that my pupil will never forget this experience as this is the first time she had an opportunity to freely talk and ask questions about medicine to a doctor. I am very pleased and grateful that Dr. Patrice happily contributed to her experience."  -Eliane Sousa, Career Coach Volunteer at Future Frontiers

"I am greatly impressed with what you are setting out to do in order to assist students from non-academic backgrounds to access medical schools in this country. It has always been considered the territory of a certain class of student and many capable ones have not even attempted to gain a place in medical schools or have been put off by relative competition...It is good to see a young doctor recognising the problem of others and proposing to outreach to schools and individuals who might otherwise want to study medicine but do not know where to turn for advice.  This is very encouraging for those concerned and I wish it had been available when I was applying for a place in this, for me, uncharted territory!" -Dr. James Burton, FRCP

"Entrance into medical school is very competitive and it can be hard for students to know exactly what to do to make themselves stand out. Furthermore it can be hard to get work experience and the right types at that. Speaking to doctors and med students can help them when deciding if Medicine is right for them. So, I would definitely recommend attending these courses to students if they plan on applying to medical school and becoming doctors!"  -Dr. Dwamena, GP, Wickford, Essex

"Patrice gave an engaging talk to our sixth form to help focus them with their UCAS application. She gave good careers advice for students and was open to students questions."  -Mrs Anna Edwards, Head of Psychology, Kingston Grammar School, Kingston Upon Thames, London

"Patrice is an excellent speaker. She is very professional and she provided an insightful presentation which really engaged all the listeners that were present. I believe she has a phenomenal story that will help to change people's lives particularly the younger generation and women. She is highly recommended and would add real value to any event!"  -Hannah Oyewole, Founder and CEO of The Young Ladies Club