About the Course

Applying to medical school can seem like a huge task, and it is. But here at Dream Smart we believe that no dream is too big and we encourage you to think smart. We will go through what you need to do to become an exceptional candidate when applying to medical school and how to increase your chances of success. We break the day into sections so you're not overwhelmed by information. By the end of the day you should know exactly what to do to get into medical school!

During this one day course (9 am - 5 pm) we cover:

  • What Medicine is all about and the career path of a doctor.
  • The academic and non-academic requirements for getting into medical school and how you can increase your chances of getting in. 
  • Work experience- the various settings that can be beneficial and how to go about securing a place.
  • Personal statement advice with worked examples.
  • Interview advice with common topics explored in the medical school interview.
  • The various entry routes into medicine and what you can do if you’re not successful the first time.

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What Our Attendees Say About the Course

100% of attendees said that they would recommend the course to others. Some of the reasons were:

"it is informative and helpful."

"It provides an insight into what a doctor does."

"The course was really well organised."

94% of our attendees stated they enjoyed the course activities on the day.

100% of attendees agreed that they felt better equipped with how to approach the medical school application process and also found speaking to medical students and doctors immensely useful:

I now know how to prepare when applying to medical school —Ebun, age 16
I really enjoyed the course because not only was it well structured, but it was informative- I learnt about the entry requirements, career path and life of a doctor —Suraj, age 17
I liked the fact that we had doctors come in to tell us what they do —Mehwish, age 15
The range of medics we interacted with allowed me to understand more about medicine and my possible options — Davina, age 16
The course was divided into specific sections which made it clear to understand every step needed to successfully apply to medical school.
I would definitely recommend this course as it gave me a head start when applying to medical school! —Lorena, age 16
All the information provided on the course was very useful and the way it was presented will allow me to remember what I need to do for my future medical school application —Hajra, age 17



Although our courses are designed to guide and support you through the medical school application process and therefore increase your chances of securing a place, we can not guarantee that you will be offered a place at medical school.