Amelia Seifalian

Third year medical student at University College London (UCL), passionate about learning and teaching others. Specialises in teaching students about the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) and UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) medical school entrance exams.

Getting into medical school was the toughest hurdle I’ve had to overcome; I understand how daunting it is and can therefore make it easier for those who want to study medicine

Amelia completed her A levels in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics (achieving grades A*,A, A and B respectively) whilst preparing for and passing both the BMAT and UKCAT exams. She has undertaken work experience in exciting locations such as Mumbai, India and Boston, where she worked in the plastic surgery department at Harvard University. Impressively, Amelia contributed to constructing the first-in-man synthetic trachea. Amelia enjoys reading and playing the piano in her spare time.

My insight into the application process is still fresh in my mind which helps immensely when tutoring students

Josie Baker

Originally from Leeds, Josie is currently studying at UCL as a second year medical student. She is an avid volunteer who spends a large proportion of her time helping others whether that be at a local nursing home or in a soup kitchen during winter. 

I have always enjoyed balancing a wide range of extra-curricular activities with my studies

In addition to volunteering, Josie enjoys playing the piano and the trumpet, having played the latter in her school orchestra. She also "loves" sport. Josie plays hockey and squash for her medical school as well as playing tennis, swimming and running.

I enjoy helping others through the application process... I am keen to share the lessons and tips that I have learnt.

Martina Larsson

Fourth year medical student at UCL, who previously studied Paediatrics and Child Health during an intercalated year. Martina has undertaken the International Baccalaureate and can therefore offer students support in this area. She is experienced and passionate about teaching students.

I have contributed significantly to a student-led volunteering project at UCL and I have also taught students at Westminster Kingsway College, London over a six week period

Martina has a number of valuable experiences which adds to her exceptional ability to teach students as a tutor.

I attended a state school and this coupled with my international background means that I can relate to people from different cultures, working to help them achieve the best possible results
By attending our courses and utilising our personalised tuition services, I will be that source of support for you to maximise your chances of succeeding in your medical school application.

Aisling O'Sullivan

Third year medical student at UCL, an enthusiastic learner and teacher especially in Mathematics and Science.

When Aisling is not studying she plays netball and the piano. She is also a member of the chamber choir and co-founder of the Irish Society at UCL. She thoroughly enjoys volunteering in the paediatric department at University College Hospital (UCH). 

I know how difficult and daunting it can be to get into medical school, and I would love to use what I have learned to help others get into medical school.

Sean Rees

Sean Rees is a fifth year medical student at UCL, who completed an intercalated BSc in Medical Anthropology.

With a long-standing interest in widening participation, Sean has worked closely with other medical students at UCL to provide support for pupils who are working towards a university application for medicine. He is experienced in designing and delivering resources to help pupils navigate all aspects of the application process; from interview techniques and admissions test revision to personal statement advice.


I am committed, passionate and experienced in helping students achieve a place at medical school...I always work hard to guide, encourage and support students through this truly testing time.

As well as singing in the University of London Chamber Choir, Sean is a strong advocate for issues surrounding women’s health and social justice and one day hopes to become an obstetrician.


William Gao

William is a fourth year medical student at UCL who has recently completed an intercalated BSc in Physiology. He is the first person in his family to enter higher education and therefore fully understands how hard applying to medical school can be without any contacts in the medical field. He is extremely passionate about helping all students achieve their dreams.  

I am keen to share my experiences and the knowledge I have acquired with those who are ambitious and have big dreams.

William's interests include medical innovation, travelling and sports, namely football.


Faisel Alam

Faisel is in his penultimate year as a graduate MBBS medical student at King’s College London (KCL). Faisel previously graduated with a first-class honours degree in Biomedical Sciences BSc and he recently attained a distinction after completing a Master of Research (MRes) programme in Medical Imaging Sciences.

Professionally, Faisel has been employed as a Specialist Advisor and Hospitals Inspector over the past year at the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of health and social care services in England. Faisel currently works with the General Medical Council in the quality assurance of medical education across UK medical universities.

Faisel is particularly passionate about global maternal health. He recently led a delegation of UK medical students via the student-led charity Maternal Aid Association (MAA) to parts of rural Bangladesh. This is part of a long-term sustainable development project that links Bangladeshi medical schools and hospitals with both UK hospitals and the Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, with the aim of enhancing the safety and quality of maternal care provision to reduce fetal and maternal mortality in resource-poor settings.

It would be a great honour to use my personal and professional experiences to mentor applicants on their journey to medical school through the DreamSmartTutors programme

Chidera Ota

Chidera Ota is a fifth year medical student at the University of Cambridge. She is keen to help students from diverse and under-represented backgrounds gain access to elite institutions. 

I understand how hard it is to be confident and successful in spaces that feel as if they weren’t created for you. I want all students to realise their full academic potential, regardless of their background.

Having achieved the best GCSEs in the United Kingdom in 2010 (15A*s, and 1A), she is able to tutor students from GCSE to pre medical exams, such as the BMAT, alongside offering valuable interview advice.

Chidera dedicates a proportion of her time to producing educational content on her blog and YouTube channel. 

Her special areas of interest are neuroscience and psychiatry; she hopes to train as a neurosurgeon once she qualifies as a doctor.


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Huzaifah Jearally

Huzaifah is a first year medical student at UCL and especially passionate about making medicine as a career more accessible to students from a wide variety of backgrounds. He has experience of the medical school application process for London and Oxbridge medical schools with offers to study medicine at Barts and the London, Kings College London, UCL and Cambridge.

I’ve witnessed, first hand, the benefits of courses such as those run by DreamSmartTutors and I hope to relay what I’ve learnt to aspiring medics.

He is the author of The Medic Blog, where he shares his experiences of studying medicine and the medical school application process.

His interests include medical technology, travelling, photography and graphic design.



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