For a year and a half I have written numerous articles as a freelance writer. Since medicine is my first passion the bulk of my articles are medically related, however I do write non-medical articles and creatively too. I have also written for The Canary News website as a Health and Wellness writer and currently I contribute to the Medic Footprints website.

Have a look at a number of my articles below:

The British Medical Association (BMA) News- VOICEBOX

I am currently taking a year out of my medical training and during 2015, (whilst still in training) I wrote an article which outlines a number of options available to doctors who are undecided about which career path to choose. During February 2016 I wrote another article which discussed choosing General Practice (GP) as a career path.

The Medical Protection Society (MPS)

I previously worked in a Surgical High Dependency Unit (HDU). It was a great experience even though it could become very busy at times. I wrote an article for the MPS entitled F2 in the Surgical HDU which outlines what could be a 'typical day' in the HDU.

I then wrote another article for the MPS about Capacity and Consent. In clinca practice things can go wrong but it is important to inform patients of mistakes and to move forward with the appropriate management. Assessing mental capacity may need to be done when a patient's capacity comes into question. It is important to work with the patient's family throughout the decision making process.

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) Blogs

Mental health is an issue that is not often talked about among medics. There is an associated stigma which prevents doctors and even medical students seeking help. I have written three separate articles about mental health among the medical profession. The first article discusses Mental Health Issues among Medical Students with the second article a follow up to this entitled Exploring Doctors' Mental Health. They can be found on the BMJ blogs website. (For the third article please see below)

I have have also written 'What is the Future of the NHS?',this is about the current situation the NHS is in- the junior doctors' contract, in addition to a number of GPs explaining how overworked they are. My article also comments on the decline in the amount of foundation doctors applying for specialty training, the drop in university applications to medical school and the drop in the amount of students who view medicine as an attractive career.

What is the future of the NHS..PNG

Another article I have written for the BMJ is about the lack of disadvantaged students studying at medical school. It is available online and in print. I received a lot of positive feedback from doctors who read the article and who could relate to my story.


Support For Doctors

The third article- Mental Health among Doctors can be found on the Support for Doctors website and looks at factors as to why doctors suffer with mental health issues. There are resources provided at the end of the articles for those who are looking for help, (or for interest).