Awesome YOU Event

The last few weeks have been so very inspirational for me. I was invited to the Women on the Crossroads Awesome You event as one of the Keynote speakers by Sherry-Ann Dixon who is the founder. The night was actually very AWESOME! I met some amazing and inspiring individuals which of course includes Sherry-Ann herself. There were ten 'Inspirers' in total and their stories were captivating, engaging and moving. Every story was different and I left the event feeling empowered and motivated to continue on my own journey. 

I had the pleasure of talking to Charlene Laidley and Miranda Brawn who are key players in their fields. It was great to see how much they have achieved so far and all they are doing to help others. I also spoke to Evelyn Asante who was extremely passionate about the work she was doing and Ragz-CV who works with a lot of young people through his charity Poetic Unity.

I also spoke to one of the exhibitors in detail about her beauty products called Ayo- which means Joy. She explained that the brand was inspired by her sister who was called Joy. Her sister sadly passed away and her products were I suppose a tribute to her in some way. We were given samples of her products and I tried some of the 'Salute the Sun' body creme on the day which smelt absolutely lovely. I have yet to try the body cleanser and polisher though! She also gave me some great tips about avoiding dry skin- do not bathe in water that is too hot or rub your skin when you exit the bath or shower. I'm sure we all do this at times and without realising it we are the ones actually making our skin extremely dry! Susan was absolutely lovely to speak to and I wish her all the best with her company.

Awesome You Event 2016, courtesy of Sherry-Ann Dixon

The Business Show 2016

I have always wanted to attend the business show but for various reasons I have not been able to over the years! However, that all changed when I permanently etched it into my diary for this month. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the exhibitors, other attendees, and listening to the speakers. My eyes were opened by the Google Digital Garage team about all the resources that can help you improve your business and I was motivated by Bianca Miller who was one of the Keynote speakers at the show. I later spoke to her towards the end of the day at the Office Show where we discussed personal branding in a bit more detail.

 Patrice and Bianca Miller (The Apprentice Finalist 2014)

Patrice and Bianca Miller (The Apprentice Finalist 2014)

The Ilford Recorder

As usual I have continued to go out into schools and speak to students about Medicine and working as a doctor. I was featured in the Ilford recorder this week. However, I did not agree with the article to an extent as it mentioned that despite the junior doctors' contract row and the strikes that have been taking place I was still encouraging students to choose Medicine as a career. Is that a bad thing? I go out into schools, to reach students who may need to be inspired, who might need to see someone like me who sat in classes similar to theirs now working as a doctor. I go out into schools because I am passionate about educating and informing students about Medicine as a career. I not only show them becoming a doctor is possible but I explain to them that getting into and getting through medical school is hard work. Furthermore, the hard work does not stop there because as a doctor you sacrifice a lot and as we can see there are issues with the contract the government decided to impose.

I simply explain more about my career path to the students; the decision is theirs. I do not tell them what to do in any way shape or form. I advise the best I can because when I was their age I would have really appreciated some advice from a medical doctor who was exactly where I wanted to be back then. If we do not encourage students to follow their dreams, whether that be in Medicine or in other careers, there will be a HUGE amount of wasted potential. If we do not encourage students to chose Medicine as a career then where on earth will the NHS be?

We need to support students to make decisions but to make informed decisions and that is what I set out to do by myself and through my organisation DreamSmartTutors. I explain to the students no dream is too big but they need a plan and that they must think smart if they are to succeed.

Everyone I speak to about my ideas and about DreamSmartTutors tells me that I am doing an amazing thing and I get a lot of positive feedback. I am not doing any of the work I do with students for gratitude, I do it because I want to help others. I do it because I remember that four year old child who dreamed so vividly of working as a doctor and helping others. I do it because I remember that sixteen year old girl who longed to meet a doctor and ask them what it was like. I do it because I think about the future and the next generation of doctors that we need if we are to sustain the NHS.

My aim as I have always said is to inspire others, especially young people. Of course there are aspects that I don't like working as a doctor, as with any job! Of course there are things I wish I could change but know that I can't. BUT there are so many aspects I do like about this profession which is why I have chosen to continue on and finish my training, however hard that road might be. I enjoy learning, I enjoy using my knowledge to help others, I enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life. I enjoy working with others in a team.

I want to and I will continue to inspire others. I am going to continue speaking to students whenever I am able to and I truly hope DreamSmartTutors grows and reaches as many students as possible.

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