I am a strong believer in 'giving back' to the community. I wrote an article on the Black History Month website entitled I Aim to Inspire which gave an insight into my journey to becoming a doctor. It also included the issue that sometimes people do not help each other and that is across all races. There are many reasons for this; of course time plays a big part but another reason is that people simply do not care or do not want to help others who are trying to get to where they are. I am far from that type of person. Ever since I left my comprehensive school and embarked on a journey to become a doctor at UCL I have always tried to help others and I mainly do this through giving up my time. I try to reach young people in particular, as I remember how I felt when I was at school and college. I would have loved it if a doctor came to my school and gave me advice and offered me mentorship. During the year 2013, when I qualified I returned to my old school and delivered a speech which I hoped would inspire and empower the students there. Towards the end of 2015 I visited the school with a number of my colleagues in order to deliver career talks to the students who are in years 10-13. The talks were 'A career in - medicine and academic medicine, accountancy, transport, law and dentistry. There was a great turnout and the feedback was very positive. We spoke to a number of the students who all expressed an interest in the above careers and seemed very positive that they could pursue their dreams at top universities.

My aim is to continue to reach out to students and anyone that needs help, inspiration and mentoring. I am currently in talks with a few schools within and around the borough in order to replicate these career talks. I have worked with Frederick Bremer school, Walthamstow School for Girls and Caterham school in Redbridge.  I would be very grateful if others would consider joining my efforts or just think about how they can dedicate a small amount of time to others in the community.

I am also a director appointee at a local school which is an important albeit small contribution to the community.

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