I am still making time to help young people in the community and as always it was a pleasure to work with the National Citizens Service (NCS). The first time I worked with NCS was during the summer when I was contacted by one of their team members. I was initially asked to speak to students about my career path and to provide them with feedback before they encountered the 'Dragon's' who would judge their presentations or pitches for a small sum of money.

I was approached by a team member again who asked me to be a 'Dragon' this time as part of the Autumn NCS programme. I jumped at the chance to help as I am always keen to help young people progress and succeed. I was one of four panel members who judged the student's presentations. They described the project they wanted to support and asked for a sum of money with the maximum being £50. They explained how they would spend the money should they win. All the students performed exceptionally well and they were able to answer the very difficult questions we asked them!

I think the NCS scheme is great as it allows students to develop skills and interact with new people. They are part of very meaningful projects and become independent during the programme. I look forward to working with the NCS programme in the future!