I really enjoy seeing positive role models and in particular positive black role models because there is often so much negativity surrounding black people in the media. But sometimes I forget that I am a positive black role model too! I was recently interviewed by the University College London (UCL) Alumni volunteering department where  I was asked a series of questions about the volunteering I did when I was at UCL and the work I am doing now. It brought back a lot of memories and I remembered how much I learnt whilst volunteering. I think that my independence and communication were two of the skills that improved, as I was always going to new places and meeting different people, learning how to engage and adapt all the time.

You can read my interview here.

The second interview was with Gosbert, (who is a fellow UCL Black and Minority Ethnic(BME) committee member) for his blog- The Hustle MBA. I was really honoured that he wanted to feature me on his website. I spoke about a number of my ventures and what the word 'hustle' means to me.

Have a read here.