I have not written a post for a while as it has been a very busy couple of months. I have wanted to write however for a long time about this particular topic- death. A few months ago I lost a very important person to me. I will not dwell on it much here for a number of reasons but I wanted to make a few points.

What upsets me a lot about death is not death itself, (because as much as we like it or not, death is apart of life and it is guaranteed) but the selfishness exhibited by those that are left behind. It is not of course always intentional but it is there. Perhaps it is the grief or the denial- we know the person is leaving, never to return again.

My first real experience of death was when my two cats passed away, (I was a lot younger when other family members passed and so I cannot say I truly felt or understood death then). I felt a great loss; the places they used to be were empty, they were not there to greet me or compete for my attention anymore. When I was studying for countless exams my cats were there to cheer me up and I remembered what a great help they were in times of sadness. It would not be until three years later I would meet with death again only this time the loss was amplified several times over.

When we are in the process of losing someone, our natural reaction is to want them to stay and not to leave us. Sometimes, we want them to stay even though we know they may be in a great deal of pain. I think the only way we will ever be able to 'deal' with the loss is if we accept, (or try to accept) that the person we love will be at peace if they pass away, (here, I am referring to someone who may be battling with a terminal illness). If the death is sudden or unexpected it may be harder to come to terms with it but we can still shift the focus from "why?" or "why did they leave me?" to "at least they are at peace now" or "maybe it was their time to go".

Death is such a sensitive topic, and often no one wants to discuss it. We are not here forever. It angers me when I see how we as humans treat one another and treat the other inhabitants of this earth and the earth itself. We only get one chance at life and we have no idea when our time will come. Instead of putting things off, do them. Instead of being bitter and twisted and staying angry at someone, be the bigger person and apologise, or try to make amends and put the past behind you. Try not to let disagreements drag on, the person you're angry at may have been someone you once cared deeply for; they could die tomorrow and how would you feel then?

Life is so short, don't waste it being angry, don't waste it wishing for the weekend to come only for it to go in the blink of an eye and you're hating Monday morning again. Do not wait to be told you are dying for you to create a 'bucket list'. Make a will, advanced statement, choose your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) while you are still of sound mind. Do not hold grudges, for it will only eat away at you and turn you into another person. Do not seek revenge, instead focus on your life and making yourself better, God, (or whatever/whoever you believe in) will sort it out.

Make your life count.

That is all.