Last week I delivered another career talk to a small group of students at Frederick Bremer school in Walthamstow. It was a pleasure of mine to be able to talk to the students about medicine. I advised them about the career and provided them with a number of tips about what would help them enter this competitive field. The careers co-ordinator wrote a short paragraph in the school newsletter detailing my visit which I wanted to share:

"Patrice came to Frederick Bremer School to speak to our Year 11 pupils about going into medicine. As Patrice is a qualified doctor, she was able to give valuable information to our pupils regarding the routes that are available to get into the field of medicine. The students were granted the opportunity to ask questions regarding the excellent profession that Patrice is currently in. It’s not often that someone in the medical field comes into a school to give a talk about a career in medicine so we were incredibly grateful to have Patrice at our school. Coming from an inner London school, Patrice is very much an inspiring young lady who is incredibly determined and that was evident through her presentation. Patrice explained to me that she believes it is important to give back to the youth of today; in the hope that they may feel empowered and encouraged to follow a career path in medicine or any other profession. She reminded the students that with hard work and a great deal of willpower, virtually anything is possible!

Thanks again Patrice, you’re awesome!"

As mentioned before I provide a number of career talks for students by myself and at times in conjunction with others. I also offer other services for students which I am happy to talk about in more depth. If any one is interested in contributing to the talks with me OR if you would like me to talk at your school please get in touch by leaving a comment on my blog or twitter page. Thanks!