About the Course

Choosing a career needs to be an informed decision so in this workshop we go through what a doctor does day to day. How do you know if Medicine and working as a doctor is for you? Have you managed to secure work experience? Speaking to medical students and doctors will help you understand the medical curriculum and what working as a doctor is like which all adds to your application. This course is highly interactive and allows you to get first hand knowledge from students and medical doctors who once had the questions you have now. We also give you tips and advice to help you find and secure suitable and worthwhile work experience.

During this one day course (9 am - 5 pm ) we will cover:

  • Life at medical school- what topics you cover, exams and assessments plus much more!
  • The career path of a doctor and the different types of doctors there are.
  • The opportunity to formulate and ask questions to medical students AND doctors.
  • The pros and cons to this challenging but rewarding career and how you can make an informed decision.

This course will significantly add to your application, especially if you have struggled to secure work experience in a clinical setting. PLUS we can advise you on how best to proceed with securing work experience in the future.

Venue: Variable

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Although our courses are designed to guide and support you through the medical school application process and therefore increase your chances of securing a place, we can not guarantee that you will be offered a place at medical school.